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Welcome to the Houseplant Masterclass!

This class was designed to take you through both a broad and in-depth overview of houseplant history, care, maintenance, and more.

You know, I say that houseplant owners are some of the most skilled of all gardeners because you’re often growing in subpar conditions: possibly short on light, air flow, humidity, and if you live in the Northern hemisphere, like I do, for example, then you also probably deal with cold conditions in the winter. Therefore if you can figure out how to care for a houseplant, then you’re probably a very skilled gardener! And if you are not yet confident in caring for houseplants, then my goal is to get you there with this course.

This course is separated into five main sections:

  1. Introductory Section
  2. The Houseplant Master Mindset
  3. The Ten Commandments of Plant Care
  4. Living with Plants
  5. Appendices

Each of those sections are then subdivided into multiple sub-sections. Since there’s a lot of information in this course, the content will be disseminated daily, so as not to overwhelm you.

What’s particularly great about having this Masterclass as a digital course—aside for the obvious fact that you can access the information anywhere—including your mobile phone, is that it’s a resource that I can and will be updating, making this more like a living resource that will evolve, grow and improve over time.

And The Houseplant Masterclass is not the only material out there that can help fulfill your love for plants. Don’t forget to check out my blog, Instagram, YouTube channel, workshops, books and more.

Okay, that’s it! So without further ado, let’s get started.

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